Why Beam HRMS is best



Beam HRMS helps in creating, managing, and publishing job postings. We help in automating your employee recruitment process with our RMS ( Recruitment Management Software). It can help you publish job postings, share on different sourcing channels, manage candidates, schedule interviews and enable an end-to-end hiring process.

creating job/openings

Beam HRMS allows its users to easily create job postings that describe careers in your company to the prospective applicants for better employee recruitment and helps in keeping track of that data for making the workflow more efficient!

add applicant's

Add applicants and sort them out easily with the help of Beam HRMS.

short candidates for interview

Shortlisting candidates for interviewing can be a very hectic task as it requires going through all the resumes one by one. Beam HRMS can sort all the resumes with AI and machine learning and only show you only the relevant resumes. You can also keep track of the date and time of the interview and other relevant data.

fixing interviews and collecting feedback

After shortlisting potential candidates you can automatically fix the interview date and time, you can also collect feedback from the candidate’s interview and that can be further used for future references


After you hire your new employee, the real work begins! The HR manager needs to welcome the new hire, the IT team has to make sure to give all the necessary assets, the onboarding team has to welcome the new hire, and much more and all this should happen smoothly without interrupting your existing workflow. Doing all this manually is quite a task and doing this without any errors is very difficult. Our HRM software can automate all of this process and make your life much easier

Pre joining process

This phase of the process is filled with documentation, appointment letter, employee documents, educational qualification documents, etc. All of this can be automated with the help of the Onboarding feature in Beam HRMS.

Joining day and induction

Joining day acts as a first impression of the company for the employee, so everything should go exactly as planned. Beam HRMS automates the workflow and helps in welcoming the new hire and make the experience better.

post joining process

Allocation of ID cards, IT assets, joining letter, etc has to given to the employee after joining your company. Beam HRMS handles all of this so you don’t have to worry at all!


Offboarding is as necessary as onboarding, the offboarding process can be hectic as it requires the HR to do as much or sometimes even more work than onboarding. Employee offboarding that is documented can ensure compliance with various regulations and can prevent errors (like not collecting a company-issued computer or an ID card from a departing employee). Automating the process with Beam HRMSis the best way to ensure consistency and completeness in the offboarding process.

Off boarding requisition process

The employee can request offboarding from your company with the offboarding feature in Beam HRMS. Our software can automate this process and save data for future reference.

customizable approval process

You can fully customize the approval process in Beam HRMS.

Technical team offboarding

Beam HRMS can automate the process of account settlement of your offboarding employee. It can tell you about the remaining loans, salaries, and other accounts related to the employee.

Accounts settlement

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Manage employee

Our employee management system enables you to store data about your employee, making an employee profile that can include personal information, job and salary history, banking and tax details, insurance plans, time off requests, disciplinary history, performance feedback, or any other custom fields important for the company. This employee profile keeps all of your employees’ information linked to the main record, for ease of tracking and reporting. This in turn would make employee management a lot easier. It can also serve as a self-service portal, where they can upload new documents, update personal information, check salary history, disciplinary history, banking and tax details, insurance plans, and much more!


Beam HRMS has a payroll feature that works effortlessly in calculating and paying the salaries, withhold the appropriate taxes and deductions, and organize the printing and delivery of paychecks. All of this is automatic and is done in almost no time! We are your best choice, no matter how big or small your enterprise is!

Performance Management

Monitor your employees’ performance by our performance management feature! Implement those performance stats when evaluating employee performance for appraisal or basic employee review. So that you can give timely feedback and compliments for their accomplishments.

Travel desk

Travel desk is a portal for automating travel requisition and associated workflow, where travel admin can access all the travel requests and they can proceed with making necessary arrangements as per the requested plan. The booking receipts, tickets, hotel reservations, etc can be viewed and accessed by the employee with the help of the travel desk feature. Afterwards travel data can be analysed by the travel admin to make necessary changes for future travel and make the workflow more productive!

Travel requisition

Employees can make travel requests to the travel desk to initiate the travel process with the help of Beam HRMS.

hotel accommodation

Beam HRMS manages your employees” hotel reservations and keeps records of the employee travel bookings easily and hassle-free!

travel planner

Plan your employees’ travel easily and keep records of the necessary data with the help of Beam HRMS

customizable approval workflow

Customize the approval workflow as much as you need with the help of Beam HRMS.

Loans and Advances

The Loans & Advances feature of Beam HRMS is used to create and manage employee loans and advance policies. An employee who has given utmost dedication to the company is liable to receive benefits from the company. This feature allows you to track and manage that data and that, in turn, makes your workflow amazing!

Loan requisition

Employees can make loan requests to the loans & advances portal to initiate the loan process with the help of Beam HRMS

approval workflow

Approve employee loans & advances easily and without any unnecessary hassle with the help of Beam HRMS.

loan rule based on employee grade

Control important factors like duration of the loan, interest rate, EMI period based on the grade and type of the employee with the help of Beam HRMS.