Case Study

Replatforming e-commerce to Rapd Technologies


Our client, a manufacturer of DC motors, wanted to expand their sales channels by setting up a direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce store. However, their products had highly complex specifications that needed to be taken into account, such as the motor's application, attachments, current rating, torque, voltage, and winding parameters. They also wanted to offer bulk pricing and made-to-order options.


BeamCommerce worked closely with the manufacturer to understand their unique needs and develop a custom ecommerce solution. We created a catalog system that allowed for easy input and management of the complex product specifications. We also implemented bulk pricing and made-to-order options, as well as other features such as customer-specific pricing and quotes.


The manufacturer was able to successfully launch their D2C ecommerce store with the help of BeamCommerce. The new platform has made it easy for customers to find and purchase the specific DC motor they need, and the manufacturer has seen an increase in sales as a result. The manufacturer also appreciates the level of integration and support BeamCommerce provides to make sure the ecommerce store runs smoothly and efficiently.


By choosing BeamCommerce, our client was able to launch a fully-featured, custom ecommerce store that met all of their specific needs without the expense of developing and maintaining the platform on their own. Additionally, by going with a fully managed platform-as-a-service, our client was able to save money and resources that would have been spent on hiring a team of developers to design and build their own ecommerce platform. This helped them focus on their core business operations.