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Beam CRM is a powerful tool for IT companies looking to improve their client relations, operations, and support processe.

Sales and Marketing

The Beam CRM solution for IT and ITES companies gives you the ability to track leads throughout the sales process, and see which leads are most likely to convert into paying customers.

With this information, you can target specific segments of customers with personalized campaigns and promotions.

Operations and Support

Beam CRM's ticketing feature allows IT and ITES companies to manage customer service requests and track the status of each ticket. Additionally, Beam CRM's inventory management feature allows IT and ITES companies to track stock levels and reorder items when necessary.

This solution is designed for companies in the IT and ITES industries, who want a reliable CRM system that can be customized to their specific needs.

Improved Client Relations

Beam CRM's customer management feature allows manufacturing companies to manage all of their customer information in one central location, including purchase history, preferences, and contact details. This improves communication with clients and allows manufacturing companies to build stronger relationships with them.

Beam CRM's customer management feature also enables businesses to save time by automating repetitive processes. For example, if a client has requested a product return and the business has previously provided them with a return address, Beam CRM will automatically fill in this information on the return form without any manual intervention from staff members. This can help save time on administrative tasks such as processing refunds or issuing credit notes.

Singular Database

Beam CRM is a customer relationship management solution that allows IT and ITES companies to manage all of their customer information in one central location. This includes purchase history, preferences, and contact details—all of which can be accessed from any device.

Beam CRM is ideal for knowledgebases that deliver Self Service experiences, as well as customer login features that allow users to raise support tickets.

Integrated Telephony

Beam CRM is the perfect solution for IT and ITES companies. It offers integrated telephony, allowing users to make and receive calls from within the platform. This improves communication with customers and helps you save time.

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Reporting and Analytics

Beam CRM provides detailed reporting and analytics on customer behavior, sales, and inventory, which can be used to make data-driven decisions to improve the business. With Beam CRM, manufacturers can set up and track sales leads, manage customers, view sales reports and trends in real time, access inventory and profitability information, and more.

We've taken all of the features you need to run your business—and made them easy to use.

Automated Reminder

For IT and ITES companies, it's easy to get caught up in the busyness of day-to-day operations. With Beam CRM, you can set automated reminders to help you keep track of important tasks, like follow-up calls or emails.

This feature is great for reminding you about tasks that you might otherwise forget about; it helps give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that important things will be taken care of!

CSAT Measurement Tool

Beam CRM is a customer service platform that helps IT and ITES companies measure customer satisfaction and make improvements to their service. It offers a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) measurement tool that allows businesses to track their customers' overall satisfaction with their products and services, as well as their experiences in each of the areas that matter most to those customers

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